Finnish Sauna at Palmquist Farm


"Great food, fun and wonderful place. Very relaxing. Thanks for all the special attention. I look forward to coming back!" -Jenene, Hatley, WI


Relax your aching muscles at the end of the day in our authentic wood-fired Finnish sauna. Bring your bathing suit, relax, and enjoy. Share your stories of the bald eagle spotted while hiking, your great bike ride through the forest, or the fish that you caught while the sauna restores you for another full day. When you get too hot to take it, dare each other to run across the driveway in your swimsuit and ring the bell.

Our Sauna features:

  • upper and lower decks
  • shower
  • dressing room
  • reading room with fireplace

Benefits of Taking a Sauna

Originally invented in Finland, saunas are thought to improve circulation, cleanse the skin, ease sore muscles, and help produce antibodies to ward off cold and flu. They are often used in preparation of massage therapy, as an alternative to exercise, or to simply help you relax.


After your sauna, enjoy a soothing, private massage by a trained masseuse, available by request.

Pictures of the Sauna

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