Winter vacation with your kids


Let's be honest: everything is a little more difficult when you add kids to the mix. Traveling is certainly one of those things. But just because it's harder doesn't mean families stop traveling once they have children to consider. It just means the parents have to put more effort into their travel plans.

Where you decide to go on a vacation is probably one of the most important choices you will make as you plan your trip. Not only does it have to be somewhere you can afford to go to with your kids, it also has to be somewhere that the whole family can enjoy. That doesn't mean theme parks are the only answer—there are plenty of other places to take the family where both kids and parents can enjoy some free time. Palmquist Farm in Northern Wisconsin is one of those places.

A winter vacation in the country


As more and more people are living in the city, more people are also choosing to vacation somewhere quiet and relaxing. Instead of spending a hectic week or two fighting traffic, families want to slow down, take in the view, and go somewhere without all the noise. A vacation in the country is just the place, especially if you are planning a winter vacation.

Cross country skiing with kids

kids at Palmquist Farm

If you think the only place to go for a winter vacation is a busy ski resort, think again. Palmquist Farm offers over 20 miles of private, well-groomed cross-country ski trails for you and your family to enjoy. Since the trails are only open to guests of The Farm, you can be sure of minimal ski traffic as you teach your son or daughter how to ski for the first time or brush up on rusty skills yourself. For very small children, The Farm has small sleds called pulks that you can pull behind you as you ski.

Once you and your family have the hang of things, go on one of the many trail loops. The trails are rated from beginner to intermediate, and even if you aren't quite ready for some of the moderate hills, many trails offer a flatter detour route. If you're ready for an adventure, try out some of the wilder northern trails, like the Snow Snake.

Winter activities with your kids

kids skating at Palmquist Farm

Skiing isn't the only activity available at Palmquist Farm. The Farm also has an exciting sledding hill, and sleds are available for you to borrow. At the base of the sledding hill is the ice skating pond. When conditions are right, The Farm will clear the snow off the ice for your skating pleasure.

The Farm’s famous scavenger hunt is a favorite for kids and guests of all ages. It has three skill levels. Whether it's tracking down a lost horse or searching for stolen gold, you and your family will trek across The Farm in search of clues until the mystery is solved.

When you and the kids are done for the day, a home-cooked dinner is waiting for you in the Farmhouse, one of the main gathering places on Palmquist Farm. Meals are served family-style, so you can take as little or as much as you like. There's always plenty to choose from, even for younger, more selective eaters: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are available by request.

Kid-friendly winter travel


A variety of rooms and cabins are available for you to stay in while you visit The Farm. All are comfortable and cozy with country-style decor, and most feature wood-burning fireplaces.

Most importantly, your children are truly welcome at Palmquist Farm. The Farm has a long history of entertaining kids of all ages. Whether your kids love skiing or simply want to spend the afternoons taking a crack at the scavenger hunt, they will enjoy and remember the time they spend at Palmquist Farm. We also welcome school groups of all sizes.

"We had a great time sleigh riding, skiing, and eating! Thank you for an amazing time for the whole family, from 4 years old to 60!" -Kathleen & John