Meals at Palmquist Farm

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed some of our policies for visiting The Farm in order to keep the staff and our guests as safe as we can. Please visit the policy page and make sure you are comfortable with these changes before making a reservation.

If you feel safer not eating in our dining room, let us know when you reserve, and we will provide meals to-go which can be eaten in your cabin or the lodge.

We have added air filters to our dining room and kitchen to promote good ventelation.

Please let us know when you reserve if you are not comfortable sitting with people from outside your group while dining, so we can plan seating arrangements.

Before you serve yourself from our buffet, you will be required to use hand sanitizer.

We may implement other protocols as we see fit to make sure meal times are as safe as possible based on the needs of our guests and the current infection level.

"The pancakes were to die for, and the rest of the food was like we were in heaven. Such special giving people - thank you for everything!" -Jan, Hatley, WI


At Palmquist Farm, enjoy delicious home-cooked meals prepared by Helen Palmquist and her staff. Whether it be family style or served on our antique buffets in the Farmhouse kitchen or in the lodge, our meals are something you’ll be craving long after your stay is over.

The Palmquists are of Finnish farming heritage, and Finnish farmers' wives know how to cook—hearty, robust, bountiful, using the best ingredients, and often! Our meals are nutritious and well-balanced with a variety of meats, soups, vegetables, salads, and desserts, featuring some special Finnish dishes including The Farm's award-winning creamed rice and raspberry sauce, oven pancakes with pure Maple Syrup, and Finnish whole wheat bread. Mealtime is always a treat and a time to mingle with other guests or simply enjoy time with the ones you love.

Local and Sustainable Food

As often as we can, we try to serve local food. For example, we get the berries for our home-made strawberry sauce and cranberry sauce from nearby farms. We also use vegetables from our own garden when in season, local apples, and beef from our own cowherd.

What Can I Expect at Mealtime?

Dining room at Palmquist Farm

No matter when you come to The Farm, we'll have a hot meal for you to enjoy. Meals vary slightly depending on the season and your lodging package, so take a look at the "To Do" list to the right for the meal category that is right for you.

Meal Accommodations for Special Diets and Kids

We accommodate vegetarian and special diets. For kids, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are available at every meal when requested. When you make your reservation, please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements, and we will do our best to accommodate them.