Exotic Deer and Elk Hunting at Palmquist Farm

"Thank you for feeding us all so splendidly. Your trees are amazing. We definitely hope to return soon!" -Leah & Dean, Red Wing, MN

If you're looking for more unique game, try your hunting skill against one of our exotic deer species. Inside our own 1300-acre private deer preserve, we have not only white-tailed deer but also white white-tailed deer, Sika deer, and elk. These game animals have all been specially chosen to offer a challenging hunt as well as striking appearances as mounts. Come hunt these magnificent animals at The Farm and experience the complete hunting experience. Special rates apply, so please visit our rates page for more information on pricing.

White White-tailed Deer

White deer at Palmquist Farm

These deer are a very unique genetic variation of the common White-tailed Deer. Though technically not albino, they do have the pure white fur that most people would associate with albino deer. A white deer makes for a mount that none of your hunting friends is sure to have seen before.  



Sika Deer

Sike deer at Palmquist Farm

Sika deer are exotics native to Asia and are similar to the Argentinean stag. They have spots similar to a fawn white-tailed deer and are more challenging to hunt than whitetails due to their smaller size and faster speed. A mounted Sika deer, with its elk-like antlers and spots, will give your trophy room an exotic look. The meat from a Sika is considered the best venison due to more marbling than most deer.



Elk at Palmquist Farm

If you're looking to hunt something larger, the elk is the animal for you. Our elk are mature bulls with trophy size antlers.  Despite their huge size, hunting them in the preserve is quite a challenge because they are in no way tame or used to people. Because of the large tract of land they were raised in, our Wisconsin elk hunt is truly equal to a wild hunt in the western states.